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Administrative board of the school

Meets three times a year. The Administrative Board draws up the school budget and oversees its implementation.

Members who can vote:

- The representative of the Board of Governors (he chairs).
- The representative of the European Commission.
- The representative of associated institutions (EUROCONTROL in the case of the Woluwe School).
- The Head (Director) of the school.
- Two teachers’ representatives (one for Primary and one for Secondary).
- Two parents’ representatives (the  President and Vice-President of the APEEE)
- The representative of the administrative staff of the school (PAS: Personnel Administratif et de Service de l’école).

Other persons attending without voting rights:
- The Deputy Representative of the Board of Governors
- The Deputy Heads (Directors)
- The Bursar of the school.
- Pupils’ representatives (at part of the meetings).

The head (director)

He is appointed by the Board of Governors, and is responsible for the administration of the school and for the coordination of the curricula in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Board of Governors, the Inspection Committee, and the Administrative Board, both for Primary and Secondary. He is assisted by two Deputy Heads (Directors) of the Primary and Secondary.

Enlarged primary and secondary education committees

(Conseils d’éducation élargis du primaire et du secondaire)  The committees discuss all matters concerning the day-to-day functioning of the school.

- The Head (Director) of the school.
- The Deputy Head (Director) of Secondary or Primary.
- Teacher representatives.
- Parents’ representatives.
- Pupils’ representatives (in the Secondary Committee only).
- The representative of the administrative staff of the school (PAS: Personnel Administratif et de Service de l’école).

Educational advisers (Conseillers d’éducation)

There are 9 of these, each having responsibility for one year of the Secondary school. They supervise discipline and safety in the Secondary school and undertake administrative tasks, including checking on absences. They play an important role in relations between pupils, parents, teachers, and the school management. They are concerned with the integration of pupils, individual problems, group problems, counselling of pupils, etc. The Principal Education Supervisor attends the Enlarged Education Committee of the Secondary School.


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