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Posted on 19 January 2016

Note to parents regarding our services’ billing

Dear Parents,

When the school was closed in November 2015 (due to alert level 4), the Parents’ Association was forced to close the canteen and to cancel the school bus service and extra-curricular activities for several days.

During this period the Parents’ Association had to pay the salaries of staff employed as usual, but it did make some savings on the canteen and transport services (e.g. purchase of supplies for the canteen, 50% reduction of bills from bus companies for some of the cancelled days).

These savings will be returned to parents in the form of lower prices in the second term: two meals will be deducted from the bill for the school canteen and the price of the school bus service has been reduced by €5. There will be no refund for the extra-curricular activities, as no savings were made during the period of closure.

Kind regards,

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