General information
Posted on 1 April 2016

Message to parents

Dear Parents,

The school activities will start on Monday after the holidays. Due to the recent terrorist attack security is tight. However, APEEE services, including school busses, canteen and extracurricular activities, will be running normally.

APEEE has been working since last week with the four Parents Associations of the European Schools in Brussels and Interparents to ensure proper exchange of information with the Commission authorities and the European School Secretary General. We are closely also working with the EEB2 school management to assess the security at our school in particular and push for implementation of all relevant measures.

We will keep you informed on any new assessments of the security situation, including in particular those affecting APEEE services.

Please notice the school’s communication on the school’s webpage.

On belhalf of the APEEE,
Francesca Tudini, APEEE Board President.

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