Posted on 7 July 2016

New activities for 2016-17

Ancient Civilizations and World Cultures

Ancient Civilizations (Egypt, Greece, China, Japan, Messopotamia, Persia…) and discovering links with modern art movements and contemporary life.
This artistic workshop will be a journey through civilizations from the whole world during which we will discover the diversity of human expression and also everything that connects us. A creative path from one time and place to another which will lead us from ancient Grece to Japan through Mesopotamia, Egypt, and many others… A real time travel!
We will play with patterns, scripts, forms and colors of the past, and find links to the history of art, which connects the past with the modern and contemporary art.

Code Classes Schedule Price
3513 P4-S2 Friday 16.30-18.00 300 €

Architecture for all

Composition: from 2D to 3D, recycling material and maquette-making, the city, built environment, maps, my home, my room-personal/private space.

Code Classes Schedule Price
3116 S1-7 Monday 16.30-18.00 300 €

Capoeira in family

A Brazilian martial art form known for its quick and complex moves, Capoeira combines elements of dance and music using mainly power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps. Trickery is ever present and expert capoeiristas never take their sights off their opponents in a Capoeira game. An attack can be disguised even as a friendly gesture.

Code Classes Schedule Price
1602 M+P+S + Parents Saturday 10.00-12.00 320 € per person


Private lesson of half an hour. Students of all levels accepted (no mandatory prerequisites). Discover the pleasure of the instrument and the music practice, this includes reading, rhythm or ear developement. We discuss, according to the desire of the student, classical pieces and / or jazz improvisation.

Code Classes Schedule Price
9320 P2-S7 Wednesday 13.00-13.30 690 €
9321 P2-S7 Wednesday 13.30-14.00 690 €
9322 P2-S7 Wednesday 14.00-14.30 690 €
9323 P2-S7 Wednesday 14.30-15.00 690 €
9324 P2-S7 Wednesday 15.00-15.30 690 €
9325 P2-S7 Wednesday 15.30-16.00 690 €
9326 P2-S7 Wednesday 16.00-16.30 690 €
9327 P2-S7 Wednesday 16.30-17.00 690 €
9328 P2-S7 Wednesday 17.00-17.30 690 €
9329 P2-S7 Wednesday 17.30-18.00 690 €


This workshop open to adults and children and young boys and girls from 12 years will aim to work on specific defense movements, counter-attack, defense work on grips, techniques of ground defense, arm locks, fists and feet attacks (basic karate techniques), defense against weapons (stick, knife), etc …

Code Classes Schedule Price
1601 S2-7 + Parents Saturday 10.00-11.00 190 € per person

Spanish for Fun

Spanish is one of the most spoken language in the world. Let your kid be introduced in the best way possible: joining this course! A course full of joy: exciting activities, games, songs, story books, hand crafts and much more! Hasta la vista 🙂

Code Classes Schedule Price
3212 P1-3 Tuesday 15.30-16.30 215 €
3512 P4-S1 Friday 15.30-16.30 215 €

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