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Posted on 6 October 2016

Our services on Friday October 7, 2016

Dear parents,

As you know, a strike is announced for Friday 7 October which will affect the services offered by the APEEE.


The advice from our transport office, based on previous experience, is that we plan to run a full bus service on Friday 7 October.

For the afternoon, due to the lack of public transport, most of our bus monitors will not be able to get to school so our buses will have no monitor aboard.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee that the pupils will leave the bus at the right stop nor will be checked if a parent is present at the bus stop when a child leaves the bus.

We invite the parents of the younger children to look for alternative solutions for the return trip. We insist that it is your decision whether your child will take the bus or not under these circumstances and we ask you to inform the teacher accordingly.

We have made the necessary arrangements to ensure there will be adult monitors on the buses going towards to garderie OIB.


The staff from the external service provider who serve the food in the refectory will be present. Therefore, the services of the canteen and the cafeteria will not be impacted.

Extra-curricular activities

Only activities for which the monitor will be able to get to the school will be kept.

The team of the extracurricular activities’ supervision will take care of children whose activity does not take place.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
The APEEE team.

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