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Posted on 13 February 2017

Workshop for S6 and S7 students

Dear Pupils in S6 and S7

Dear Parents,

Since a couple of years, the school is systematically offering workshops during class hours to secondary pupils in order to enforce basic skills for their exams and future career.

The pupils of S6 and S7 are the only ones who have not yet had the chance to participate. Looking at this year’s fitted pupils agenda doesn’t allow us to dedicate 2 teaching periods for this purpose. As many parents regretted this I got the idea to organise it outside the school hours, on a Saturday.

Pupils who are anxious as regards the imminent exams, who are motivated to improve their own skills on time management, stress management, personal needs and thinking ‘inside’ the box are welcome.

The workshop in English will be organised on in March at school.  The exact hour and venue will be communicated once inscriptions are closed.

Please do not hesitate because of your language level: the workshops are fit for L1 EN, L2 EN and L3 EN. Should there be a problem I am there to translate if needed.  The method is a very interactive one:  using voting handsets, film clips, work in smaller groups….

The entrance fee is 5€, to ensure that pupils who have registered will indeed participate.

How to submit? Please send a message to for more information concerning the registration.

If you are interested, make up your mind quickly and I am very confident you ‘ll never regret. On the contrary.

Kind regards,

Lea Andries
Conseillère d’éducation principale
Principal Educational Adviser
Ecole européenne Bruxelles II
Avenue Oscar Jespers 75
B – 1200 Bruxelles
Tél. + 32 (2) 774.22.70

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