Posted on 1 September 2017

[School Start 2017] Extra-curricular activities


From September 6 until September 22 2017 included (supervision only)

Only the Extracurricular Activities’ Supervision will take place in the Canteen between the start of the year and the beginning of activities. Please remember that the Supervision schedule is the following:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays from 15.00 to 18.30.
  • Wednesday: from 12.50 to 17.30.

Children in Kindergarten, Primary, 1st or 2nd Secondary registered for the Supervision (with or without activity) can benefit from it for the days for which they are enrolled.
Children who are not registered to the Supervision can also benefit from it if a reservation for the Occasional Supervision has been done for the desired day.
In both cases, it is important to notify your child’s teacher of his attending to the Supervision.

Also, please check if the registration of your child is correct in your Secured Zone.
If you have lost your password or forgotten your login, please fill out the form for this purpose (“Lost your password” link in the Secured Zone page).

As of September 25 2017 (activities and supervision)

The activities start September 25 2017. If your child in Kindergarten, Primary, 1st or 2nd Secondary is enrolled in an activity starting after 16:00 (13.00 on Wednesdays), it is important to register your child to the Supervision with activity for that day.

Teachers will receive a list of activities followed by all children in the class. Since the beginning of the school year is a very busy time, we encourage you to remind your child and your child’s teacher of his participation in our activities and the place thereof.

After his activity or supervision, you can pick up your child in the preau of the 1st and 2nd Secondary. Since our Supervision is closing at 18.30, please pick up your child before this time.

Late arrival will be invoiced.

Modification of a registration

In order to ensure the pedagogical continuity, a maximum of two changes per child will be allowed during the year. Your child’s activity can be changed during the year directly through your Secured Zone.
Should the fee for the new activity be higher than that for the initial one, a new bill will be sent to you. If the new activity is less expensive than the initial activity no refund will be granted.

Cancellation of a registration

  • Cancellation before the beginning of the activity : no bill will be sent.
  • Cancellation before the bill has been sent (October 16 2017) but after the beginning of the activity: you will be billed for every week started.
  • Cancellation after the bill has been sent out: no refund will be allowed (except for medical reasons, in which case a medical certificate must be provided).

The extra-curricular activities office reserves the right to cancel or modify the activities exceptionally or otherwise.


Authorisation is required if someone other than a parent (e.g. a brother, sister, grandparent, friend or baby-sitter) collects your child from an extracurricular activity or if your child is allowed to leave the activity alone.
You can change the list of people authorised to collect your child/children by visiting your Secured Zone.

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