Posted on 13 December 2017

Rattrapage classes for primary students

The primary school has recently started organizing rattrapage classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15.20 to 16.05. As a result of this, several of you contacted  your APEEE to ask whether your children can take the bus at 16:20.

The transport service of your APEEE allows primary and nursery students to take only the bus leaving at 15:30. This is due to the fact that only 15:30 buses have an adult supervisor on board to ensure that children get off at the right stop and are taken care of by authorized people.

In addition, any change during the school year would involve constraints in terms of planning and organization that would result in an increase in the cost of transport and overload of work for the APEEE which would negatively impact its operation. Therefore, the APEEE is not in a position to respond positively to requests received.

Fully aware of the constraints that some parents face in enrolling their children in the rattrapage classes, we invite you to consider the possibility of enrolling them at the supervision, subject to available places.

Finally, we will also raise this issue with the school to try to find a lasting solution to this issue.

Best regards,

APEEE Bxl II Woluwe

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