Posted on 16 March 2018

The “movements” exhibition seen by the Mini-Reporters Junior

On Thursday 07th March 2018 the inauguration of the exhibition “movements” took place in the “salle polyvalente” of the school. It was the perfect opportunity for mini-reporters “junior” to visit the exhibition and to interview some pupils about their creations and about the project.

Yann, can you explain what the exhibition is about?

« It’s an idea of ​​the school. In this exhibition, there are works created by all maternelle and elementary students. There are different types of works ; figurines, paintings, computer-made works … and the theme is movement. It’s a great idea to do this exhibition because it’s an opportunity for our parents to see our works but also because I like to see what other students have done. »

Gabriel, what work have you decided to do and why?

« This is a representation of a Giacometti sculpture called Biathlon. I used sticks and aluminum to build it, it took me one day. I based myself on a picture of myself on which I took a special pose and then reproduced it with aluminum. »

Zofia, how does your work represent movement and how did you achieve it?

« I decided to draw flying dragons. We can see the movement of their wings and they make figures in the sky. They are so beautiful. I started by drawing everything, then I colored the sets and then the dragons. It took me two days because it’s really hard to draw the movement. »

Nathalie, you built a blue and orange rocket. Why ? Was it difficult to build? What other arts works do you like?

« It was a bit difficult because I had to paint the rocket the first time, then a second time and same thing with the glue but it was also very funny because we used toilet paper to make it. It took us almost a week but I loved it. At first I wanted to paint it in red and gold but there was not enough gold paint so I had to choose blue. I really like the aluminum sculpture that Gabriel has made. »

Carl and Yann, you did a painting togehter, can you explain it to us? How did you think about doing this?

Carl : « Our teacher showed us a Jackson Pollock book and so we decided to reproduce one of his paintings. We used gouache that was “splitted” on a canvas with a brush. It was very funny because we had paint on all our clothes after. »

Yann : « This is abstract art and I think there is too much confusion in these works, we can not always distinguish the different colors. We used a lot of paint and we absolutely could not touch the canvas with the brush. »

Interview and photos by Carl Feustel – Yann Baar – Gabriel Can Ozkan – Natalie Krause – Maija Menon – Elias Kuukka – Zofia Majewska. The Mini-Reporter activity is given by Mr Antoine Moretto.

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