Posted on 12 April 2018

Ascension 2018 Workshops

Our stages of May 2018 will take place at the school from 7 to 11 May with the exception of Thursday May 10 2018 – price: 100 €
Students will be welcomed at the Sports Hall from 8.30 am and activities will start from 9.00 am. These courses end at 16:00 and we ask parents to pick up their child (ren) at 17:30 at the latest. The workshop will be confirmed on Friday, April 30, 2018.

ATTENTION: the price of the courses does not cover food, it is essential to give a meal to your child for lunch.

Registrations for these courses are done via your Secured Zone using the corresponding code or by e-mail at

Football – P3-S1 – code 5011 

This course is for football lovers whose goal is to progress in a good atmosphere with passionate instructors.
We offer fun and sports “football” workshops to play in all areas of play (passes, shots, positioning, technique etc.)
But also to make children aware of the sport culture; talking to them about the need for a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, team spirit, fair play and some tactical advice.

Given by Antoine Moretto

Badminton – P3-S – code 5012 

For children of 3rd, 4th and 5th Primary and secondary school students This course is for badminton lovers. Everyone, whatever the level at the age, will find its satisfaction and will make progress.

Given by Patryk Szymoniak

Art workshop – meeting fruits and vegetables – Mat + P – code 5014 

We will get to know Miss Carrotte and Madam Beave a slightly different way.
We will learn about the life of the painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo and inspire us with his art.
We will prepare royal meals in the form of landscapes and smiling faces.
All our works will be immortalized in photo and then consumed: in piece or pressed juice.
The breaks will be dedicated to relaxation and various movement games (outside in case the weather allows it).

Given by Sharon Schievers

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