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Posted on 11 September 2018

Canteen closed as from Monday 17 September – parents to provide homemade lunches

Dear Parents,

Further to the requests to the Belgian Régie des Bâtiments (RdB) as well as to the construction company contracted by the RdB for the kitchen renovation works, we have now finally received an approximate time schedule concerning these works.

As mentioned in our previous message, the drains for the kitchen have not yet been delivered. The construction company has now informed us that the drains might be ready for delivery by mid-September.

Once the drains are installed we still need time to re-install all existing kitchen equipment and schedule the delivery of some new equipment, two cooking kettles, which will be used for example for pureeing. This brings us to the following time schedule:

  • Mid-September: delivery and installation of drains by the construction company.
  • By end of September: re-installation of current kitchen equipment, as well as delivery and installation of 2 ordered cooking kettles, followed by cleaning of kitchen and preparing for full operation.
  • Assuming that there will not be any further delays, the preparation of warm meals for the children should start again at the beginning of October. We shall inform you of the exact date immediately once it is

The APEEE is fully aware that it is neither desirable nor sustainable to continue serving sandwiches and salads to the students for several weeks. The sandwiches and salads could ever only be a short term solution, given the high cost and the limited choice involved.

Because the APEEE is finding itself unable to provide a long term solution which will be satisfactory for all, the decision has been taken to close the canteen from Monday 17 September until the end of the works. All parents who have registered their children for the canteen service will not be billed for the period of time the canteen is closed.

Therefore, may we kindly ask you to provide a homemade lunch for your child(ren) as of Monday 17 September. Children who attend the Garderie of the Commission or the extra-curricular activities on Wednesdays are also requested to bring their home made lunch.

Students registered for the canteen are welcome to come to the canteen and sit at their respective tables to eat their home made lunch. Water will be provided for the children. Kindergarten and primary students will be accompanied by their teachers.

In order not to disrupt the canteen registration system, we hereby kindly ask you not to unsubscribe your children from the canteen service unless you consider the cancellation final for the rest of the school year.

Attention for P3 pupils!! Since the teachers’ canteen is not available, P3 students from the PT, DE and NL sections, who would normally eat there, need to continue to eat their home made lunch in their classrooms. The teachers concerned have been contacted and have received their instructions.

The Cafète stays open! The cafeteria continues to be open every school day from 10:30 for secondary students, teachers and staff of the school. Extra quantities of food and drinks will be available to buy.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and inform you about the developments by e-mail as well as on our website.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

APEEE Bxl II Woluwe

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