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Posted on 27 September 2018

Canteen opens as of Monday 1 October 2018

Dear Parents,

We are glad to inform you that the canteen will be open and operational again as of Monday 1 October 2018. Please inform your children who are registered for the service that they can go to the canteen on Monday.

Closing the canteen between 4 September and 28 September incurred a loss of 58.000 € due to factors beyond our influence. We are now in contact with the authorities concerned and we are exploring ways to achieve compensation.

Since the wellbeing of the children is our first priority, the APEEE Board looked to possible alternatives to avoid interrupting our canteen service. We considered different options: food trucks, external provider of prepared meals, container kitchen, help from the Commission etc. In addition, we had to take into account security and safety issues and also the opinion of the experts of the OIB, the Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels of the European Commission. Unfortunately, in the end none of the options we considered were deemed viable.

Based on your feedback, we believe that a comprehensive background note is needed to give you the full picture (see attached). We will also organise an information evening during the month of November for all parents and teachers, so that you can visit the kitchen and learn more about our kitchen philosophy.

The APEEE has been on your side all along, and we have taken all of your comments, feedback, suggestions, complaints and support to heart. Thank you for standing by us, as we are standing by you. After all, APEEE is a non-profit organization run by parents!

We truly hope your children will enjoy coming back to their regular canteen meal as of Monday.

Best regards,

Bettina Schmidbauer-Mogensen

Vice-President APEEE & Canteen working group coordinator


Anja Galle

Director APEEE

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