Posted on 27 November 2018

Menu December 2018

You will find the December menu by clicking on this link: menu December 2018

Given the wide variety of ingredients we work with to develop our recipes, we can not guarantee the absence of cross-contamination of allergens.

Friday December 21st, 2018 menu :

  • Guacamole salad
  • Homemade fresh pasta sautéed with vegetables & Berloumi cheese
  • Organic fruit

Menu 20 December 2018:

  • Chervil soup (allergens: gluten, milk)
  • Sautéed beef, organic cauliflower, potatoes with herbs
  • Milk product

Menu 19 December 2018:

  • Pizza with chicken (allergens: gluten, milk)
  • Yogurt

Menu 18 December 2018:

  • Cauliflower cream soup (allergen: soy)
  • Spare ribs, organic swet corn ears, organic mixed salad
  • Organic madeleine cake (allergens: gluten, egg, milk)


Menu 17 December 2018:

  • Pumpkin soup
  • Chicken fillet, semolina (allergens: gluten, celery), steamed carrots (allergens: gluten, celery)
  • Organic strawberry yogurt (allergen: milk)

Menu 13 December 2018:

  • Cucumber with parsley
  • Cabeza (pork), meat sauce (allergens: gluten, celery), organic French beans, sweet potato
  • Organic fruit

Menu 12 December 2018:

  • Pea soup
  • Grilled chicken fillet, puree (allergens: egg, milk, sulphites), apple compote
  • Organic yogurt


Tuesday December 11th, 2018 menu

  • White beans salad
  • Röstis with smoked salmon (allergens: gluten, egg, fish, milk), mixed salad
  • Milk product

Thursday December 10th, 2018 menu

  • Pizza Margherita (allergens : gluten, milk)
  • Organic fruit

Friday December 7th, 2018 menu

  • Sweet corn salad
  • Chili con carne (allergens: celery, sulphite), Cheddar & yogurt sauce (allergen: milk), baked potatoes
  • Chocolate mousse (allergens: soy, milk)

Thursday December 6th, 2018 menu

  • Vermicelli bouillon (allergens: gluten, egg, celery)
  • Sautéed leg of lamb, organic lentils ( celery, sulphite) & baguette (allergen: gluten)
  • Chocolate Nic Nac (milk, shell fruit)

Wednesday December 5th , 2018 menu

  • Red cabbage salad
  • Sautéed noodles with scampis (allergens: gluten, soy, celery, shellfish)
  • Organic milk product

Tuesday December 4th,  2018 menu

  • Chick peas with coriander
  • Sautéed Quorn with organic white cabbage, pita bread (allergen: gluten) & garlic sauce (allergen: milk)
  • Organic fruit

Monday December 3rd, 2018 menu

  • Tomato soup (allergens: gluten, celery, sulphite)
  • Turquey stew (allergens: gluten, milk, celery, sulphite), puree (allergens: egg, milk, sulphite)
  • Organic Petit Nova with fruits (allergen: milk)

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