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Posted on 12 December 2018

Information concerning our services on Friday 14/12/2018

Dear Parents,

a general strike is announced for Friday 14 December 2018 that is likely to affect public transport in Belgium.

Our school bus service will not be affected, at least not directly. Nevertheless, it is possible that some of our bus lines could be delayed by roadblocks and some buses may not be able to complete their circuit and / or some stops.

Although the transport office will make the necessary arrangements in order to allow the bus monitors to reach the school, some of our bus monitors might not be able to get to school in the afternoon. As a consequence, a number of afternoon buses might not have any adult monitor on board. This may result in some students having to leave the bus without supervision.

We hereby like to ask the parents to take necessary measures, especially for students who will have exams that day.

School canteen service closed – bring homemade lunches

The school canteen will not be able to offer a normal service on Friday as the 40 persons working for the subcontractor Atalian also will go on strike. As a consequence, the APEEE will not able to offer meals for your children.

We therefore kindly ask parents of kindergarten, primary and secondary students to provide a homemade lunch for their children this Friday.

Students registered for the canteen service are welcome to come sit at their respective tables to eat their homemade lunch. Kindergarten and primary students will be accompanied by their teachers. The students and teachers who prefer to stay and eat in their classroom can do so.

The cafeteria, manned by the APEEE staff, remains open for secondary students, but will not be able to provide food for all the secondary students. The self-service in the canteen of the teachers will be open for the teachers and the staff of the school as this is also manned by APEEE staff.

Extra-curricular activities

Only activities for which the monitor will be able to get to the school will take place as planned. The team of the extracurricular activities’ supervisors will take care of children whose activities are cancelled. We ask parents to pick up their children during the normal opening hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

APEEE Bxl II Woluwe

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