Posted on 16 January 2019

FlopCamp Carnival 2019 (cancelled)

How cool would it be if you could come up with an idea of a brand new startup?
How cool would it be if you could find out if the same idea has market potential?

Maybe you are the next great entrepreneur. Maybe you are the next game changer who will solve our global challenges. Put your creativity to a test and see whether you have an entrepreneurial mindset!
FlopCamp is a 5-day entrepreneurial game where kids aged 12 to 16,motivated to succeed, will team up to experiment with and experience the phases of start-up creation, from ideation to prototyping, from testing to business modelling. But remember… in the entrepreneurial game, flops are the norm, not the exception! Will you masterfully succeed or, more likely, gracefully fail?
FlopCamp is a mix of theory and practice, where the teams will design their own solutions to specific challenges and will design a new venture and test the possibilities to make it work, assisted by our coaches. The program takes kids through the various phases of startup creation, from ideation to business modelling. It includes a visit to a FabLab to build prototypes, and street surveys to meet and interview potential customers and collect feedback.

Who is FlopCamp for?
FlopCamp is designed for kids from S2 to S5. The only requirement is to be creative.

When and where? 
The FlopCamp will take place in EEB2 from February 25th to March 1st 2019 from 9.00 to 16.30 .

360€, not including food which children have to bring with them as nothing will be available at school.

How to register?
You can register using the code 5008 in your Secured Zone or by sending us an email to .

More info at and by email at

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