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Posted on 21 January 2019

Annual General Meeting APEEE

Dear Parents,

The Annual General Meeting of the APEEE is scheduled to take place  on 24 January 2019 at 19:30.

Documents for approval  at the  Annual General Meeting: 

Documents for the Annual General Meeting:

  • A.G.M. invitation: has been emailed to the parents. The invitation will not be sent by postal mail. Please note that no paper copies of the activity report or of the financial report with the accounts 2017-2018 and the budget 2018-2019 will be available at the General Meeting. All documents on the A.G.M. are available on the APEEE website. On request to the APEEE secretariat, you may obtain a paper copy.


  • Are you interested in becoming a member of the Board? We are looking for highly motivated and committed new members. There are 17 vacant mandates. All parents, who have paid their contribution fee, can apply to become a member of the Board. All candidatures received before 12:00 on 24/1 will be included in the powerpoint presentation shown at the AGM. Please fill out document for candidature and mail it to .Parents can stand at the AGM without pre-registration. However, in this case the names will be simply added to the list of the candidates directly on the spot (not on the powerpoint).


  • Proxy document: The APEEE statutes stipulate that a class representatives or Board member may not hold more than two proxies for the elections or three for votes on other questions. A proxy document for the AGM can be requested by sending a message to .


  • Class representatives will be able to collect their ballot as of 18:30. In order to be eligible to vote and/or stand for election you must have paid your membership fee.

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