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Posted on 30 January 2019

Menu February 2019

Given the wide variety of ingredients we work with to develop our recipes, we can not guarantee the absence of cross-contamination of allergens.

Please click on this link to find the menu of February: menu February 2019

Menu 22 February 2019:

  • Seasonal soup
  • Minced beef fillet Thai style (allergen: soy), Chinese noodles (allergen: gluten from wheat)
  • Craft vanilla ice cream (allergens: egg, milk)

Menu 21 February 2019:

  • Pea soup (allergen: celery)
  • Greek Mezze (allergens: gluten from wheat, shellfish, molluscs), organic lettuce, organic baguette (allergen: gluten from wheat)
  • Organic fruit

Menu 20 February 2019:

  • Lentils soup (allergen: celery)
  • Minced pork, organic French beans, steamed potatoes
  • Organic fruit


Menu 19 February 2019:

  • Brocoli soup
  • Organic vegetarian burger (allergens: gluten from wheat, milk, celeri, mustard), organic mixed salad
  • Organic yogurt (allergen: milk)

Menu of Monday, February 18, 2019

  • Lamb’s lettuce salad
  • Chicken Tikka Massala (allergens: wheat gluten, nuts), Asian vegetables (allergen: soya), basmati rice
  • Fruit

Menu 15 February 2019:

  • Wish day : homemade chicken nuggets (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, mustard, sulphite), steamed potatoes, organic salad
  • Organic fruit

Menu 14 February 2019:

  • Potato salad
  • Cabeza (pork) organic sautéed courgettes (allergen: sesame seeds), organic rice
  • Valentine’s heart (allergens: gluten from spelt, egg, milk)

Menu 13 February 2019:

  • Varied vegetables soup
  • Sautées pasta with vegetables (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, soy)
  • Milk rice (allergen: milk)

Menu 12 February 2019:

  • Greek pasta tabbouleh style (allergen: gluten from wheat, egg)
  • Minced veal, homemade puree (allergen: milk), organic brocoli
  • Chocolate organic cream dessert (allergen: milk)

Menu 11 February 2019:

  • Countryside soup
  • Cheese croquettes (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, milk, celery), varied cabbage salad, organic baguette (allergen: gluten from wheat)
  • organic fruit

Menu 8 February 2019:

  • Tomato soup
  • Salmon fillet (allergen: fish), sauce with herbs (allergens: egg, mustard), organic mixed salad, potatoes with butter (allergen: milk)
  • Milk rice (allergen : milk)

Menu 7 February 2019:

  • Organic celeriac salad (allergens: egg, celery, mustard)
  • Organic vegetarian couscous with falafels (allergen: gluten of wheat), Maghreb organic vegetables, organic semolina (allergens: gluten from wheat, celery)
  • Organic fruit

Menu 6 February 2019:

  • Tomato soup
  • Sautéed noodles with chicken (allergens: gluten from wheat, soy)
  • Organic apple

Menu 5 February 2019:

  • Avocado salad
  • Meatballs with tomato sauce, homemade puree (allergen: milk)
  • Organic yogurt with fruit (allergen: milk)

Menu 4 February 2019:

  • Spinach soup
  • Organic fresh pasta gratin (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, milk), mushrooms & ham
  • Organic fruit

Menu 1 February 2019:

  • Pumpkin soup
  • Quorn vegetarian pita (allergen: egg), organic cabbage salad, pita bread (allergen: gluten from wheat), white sauce (allergen milk)
  • Organic fruit


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