Posted on 31 August 2019

School start 2019-2020

Dear parents,

Please check the numbers and timetables of the buses your child(ren) will be using this school year in your secured zone on our website

On the website (in “Your Secured Zone”) there is an application (“Lost your password?”) for parents who forgot their password or don’t have one.

An invoice will be issued for use of the school transport service. Please check in your secured zone if the information about your billing situation is up to date.

Bus passes have been printed on 30th of August and will be distributed as follows:

  • by the teacher for children in kindergarten and primary school;
  • in the class pigeon hole (office of the educational advisors) for pupils in secondary school.

N.B. School starts on Wednesday 4 September 2019. The school buses will start running that morning.
For the return journey, the buses will leave the school at 13:00 – routes and numbers will be the same as on a Wednesday.

N.B. :

  • As some bus routes have changed, at certain stops the bus may arrive from a different direction than last year and stop on the opposite side of the road.
  • Due to the overcrowding and the limited number of buses available, secondary school pupils (S2 to S7) will only be allowed on the 15:30 buses if there are seats available, otherwise they will be invited to take the 16:20 buses. Pupils in the nursery and primary sections registered for a return journey in a specific bus have priority over pupils in the secondary section. Secondary pupils accompanying a sibling in the nursery or primary section have priority over other secondary pupils. For the same reason, parents will not be allowed to travel with their children on the school bus, not even on the first days of this new school year.

To allow your child to easily discover his new school environment, we invite parents of NEW pupils in kindergarten and primary to bring them to school by their own means on the first day of school. At the same time, we suggest you visualize for yourself the correct place of the morning bus stop of your child.

Wishing you a good start of the school year.

Yours sincerely,


APEEE Transport

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