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Posted on 3 September 2019

Menu September 2019

Given the wide variety of ingredients we work with to develop our recipes, we can not guarantee the absence of cross-contamination of allergens.

You will find the menu of September 2019 by clicking on this link: menu September 2019

Menu 4 September:

  • Vegetable soup
  • Beef hamburger, bun’s bread (allergens: gluten from wheat), French fries, salad
  • Organic waffle (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, milk)

Menu 5 September:

  • Organic cucumber with chive (allergens: egg, mustard, sulphite)
  • Navarin lamb, organic assorted vegetables, organic semolina (allergens: gluten from wheat, celery)
  • Organic milk product (allergen: milk)

Menu 6 September:

  • Pumpkin soup
  • Homemade ravioli with ricotta & spinach (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, milk)
  • Ice cream (allergens: egg, milk)

Menu 9 September:

  • Organic tomato salad
  • Pork chipolata sausage, organic broccoli, steamed potatoes
  • Organic fruit

Menu 10 September:

  • Andalusia soup
  • Fish fillet (allergens: fish), fish sauce (allergens: gluten from wheat, fish, soy, milk), organic spinach, puree (allergen: milk)
  • Organic biscuit (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, milk)

Menu 11 September:

  • Vegetables soup
  • Sautéed beef fillet, organic French beans, roasted potatoes with rosemary
  • Dessert : organic apple

Menu 12 September:

  • “salade niçoise” (allergens: egg, fish, mustard, sulphite)
  • Sautéed pasta with chicken & assorted vegetables (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg)
  • Organic fruit

Menu 13 September:

  • Pizza Margherita (allergens: gluten from wheat, milk)
  • Dessert : organic grapefruit

Menu 16 September:

  • Leek soup
  • Minced veal, sauce Beaugé (allergens: gluten from wheat, milk, mustard, sulphite) organic cauliflower, steamed potatoes
  • Organic milk product (allergen: milk)

Menu 17 September:

  • Vegetables soup
  • Sot l’y laise chicken, roasted cherry tomatoes, gnocchis (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg)
  • Organic fruit

Menu 18 September:

  • Vermicelli bouillon (allergens: gluten, egg, celery)
  • Sautéed pasta with ham (allergens: gluten, milk, soy)
  • Organic fruit

Menu 19 September:

  • Lentils salad
  • Greek Mezze (allergens: gluten from wheat, crustaceans, egg, fish, soy, milk, mustard, sulphite, molluscs), organic lettuce, organic baguette (allergen: gluten from wheat)
  • Organic fruit

Menu 20 September:

  • Bouillon soup (allergen: celery)
  • Vegetarian chili (allergens: gluten from wheat, soy, celery), yogurt sauce & cheddar (allergen: milk), baked potatoes
  • Organic fruit

Menu 23 September:

  • Organic white cabbage salad
  • Organic rice Jambalaya with vegetables, see fruit & ham (allergens: custaceans, fish, soy, celery, molluscs)
  • Caramel flan (allergens: egg, milk)

Menu 24 September:

  • Tomato mozzarella salad (allergen : milk)
  • Organic vegetable quiche (allergens : gluten from wheat, egg, milk), organic salad
  • Organic fruit

Menu 25 September:

  • Seasonal soup
  • Pasta gratin with bacon (pork) & mushrooms (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, milk)
  • Organic fruit

Menu 26 September:

  • Bulgarian salad
  • Cabeza (pork), organic aubergine with tomato, puree (allergen: milk)
  • Organic fruit

Menu 27 September:

  • Cheeseburger (allergens: gluten from wheat, milk, sesame seeds) , salad, sauce
  • Milk product (allergen: milk)

Menu 30 September:

  • Beetroot salad
  • Sautéed beef, organic varied salad, organic ears of corn
  • Organic waffle (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, milk)

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