Posted on 4 October 2019

Information on Interclass-Footfest

Dear parents

The price of Interclass-Footfest this year will be raised to €25 per participant. This is the first price increase we have had in 12 years of the competition, and is needed because as it has become more and more popular we have had to hire  supervisors and an additional referee to manage it, and over the period the amount we have to pay them has also gone up. This has resulted in growing losses in recent years that we unfortunately can no longer sustain. We realise price increases are never popular but unfortunately we have no option if we want Interclass-Footrest to continue to flourish.

We look forward to another exciting, rewarding and enjoyable competition this school year for all of those involved, as parents, coaches and team participants. Good luck everyone!

For information concerning the registration for the Interclass-Footfest competition please see our website:

Best regards

APEEE Bxl II Board

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