Posted on 15 November 2019

Dear parents, dear students,

As some of you will already be aware, our colleague, friend, wonderful musician and guitar teacher at EEBII for more then 30 years, Mr Jean-Didier Vander Vorst has passed away. He was immensely appreciated by his students and colleagues for many years, and was himself a very accomplished guitarist who played music from the heart.

The funeral service will be held on Monday, 18 November 2019 at 11 :00 am at Avenue du Silence, 61 in 1180 Uccle.


« Aux élèves désirants lui rendre hommage, il serait très heureux de recevoir un dessin, un petit écrit. Je suis sûre que là où il se trouve, il les recevra, je les mettrai près de lui, il sera très honoré. »

Geneviève, sa femme


A register will be put at the disposal of students at the following places:

  • For primary students, at the primary secretariat (children are also welcome to bring a drawing or a note, which Jean-Didier’s widow will place during the funeral service);
  • For secondary students, at the secondary secretariat (405).

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