Posted on 16 December 2019

STEAM workshop – Carnival 2020

APEEE proposes a stage combining a STEAM workshop (3 hours per day) and multisports.

The STEAM workshop will be held at the school during the Carnaval break. Children will be welcomed at the Sports Hall from 8:30 and activities will start from 9:00. The workshop will end at 16:00 and we ask parents to pick up their child at 17:30 at latest.

  • For who ?
    The STEAM workshop is designed for kids from P4 to S2.
  • When and where?
    The STEAM workshop will take place in EEB2 during the Carnaval Break (Monday 24th February 2020-Friday 28th February 2020) from 9:00 until 16:00.
  • Price:
    425€ per week and per child. The prices does not include food which children have to bring with them as nothing will be available at school. The price includes the supervision from 8:30 until 17:30.
  • How to register?
    You can register you child using the code 5008 in your Secured Zone or by e-mail (


STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics

This workshop explores basic mechanical engineering and computer engineering. Students will build mechanical working machines using LEGO Technic and mechanical calculation machines using the Turing Tumble to understand the basic concepts of mechanical and computer engineering to include mechanical advantage, wedges, levers, wheels, gears and pulleys, circuit design, memory and logic.

Simple machines I: mechanical advantage
Simple Machines II: inclined plane

Simple machines III: lever and fulcrum
Turing Tumbler I: introduction to mechanical computers

Simple machines IV: wheel and axle
Tumbler II: design of ramps, crossings and circuits

Simple Machines V: gears
Turing Tumbler III: bits, binary operations and conditions

Single machines VI: pulleys
Turing Tumbler IV: tips, logic gates and truth tables

* This program is not recommended for children already enrolled in our one-year program at APEEE, as much of the material would already be covered.

For the rest of the day the children will have the opportunity to play various sports proposed by our monitors such as football, basketball,  innebandy, badminton and more.

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