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Posted on 28 February 2020

Coronavirus: Communication to parents about APEEE services

Dear Parents,

In the past week, we have closely followed up the developments concerning the coronavirus and we have been in close contact with the School to monitor the situation.

Today, we all have received a communication from Ms Malik providing information on what is going to happen next week.

The APEEE will follow the same policy as the school with regard to our Services. This means that next week all services (buses, canteen and afterschool activities) will regularly be provided.

The School has also informed about the policy related to “force majeure” absences.

Following this policy, if you are planning to keep your children at home, we kindly request that you fill in the form available at the following link:

This information will allow to better prepare our services and to avoid food waste. We really appreciate your collaboration.

At the same time, conscious to the importance of putting in place some important measures to protect the health of the School community, we have decided as follows:

  • All APEEE staff who has traveled in the red zone areas as indicated in the Communication from the Office of the Secretary General of the European School has to respect a 14 days period of isolation from School*. The same request has been put forward to all our service providers;
  • Disinfectant gel will be put at disposal of the APEEE staff in all the relevant areas (e.g. in the chalet on the bus parking, in the canteen for the Supervision team). As far as the kitchen, please note that both our own kitchen staff, as well as the serving ladies & men are fully trained concerning the hygiene rules to maintain during the service. Disinfectant soap is available in the kitchen and used by the kitchen staff.

We would like also to contribute in raising awareness of the pupils, above all the youngest ones, on the importance of washing their hands. Thus, video, pictures, infographics will be reproduced in the screens at the canteen. Please encourage your children to wash regularly their hands and to “sneeze like a Vampire”.

For general information on the Coronavirus and for daily updates, please see:

In case of further developments, we will keep you informed of any variation affecting the APEEE services.

Thank you for your attention.

APEEE Bxl II Woluwe

*China, Hong Kong, Macao and the municipalities for which the Italian authorities have applied the “quarantine” Bertonico, Casalpusterlengo, Castelgerundo, Castiglione d’Adda, Codogno, Fombio, Maleo, San Fiorano, Somaglia, Terranova dei Passerini and Vò

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