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Posted on 20 May 2020

Info on the APEEE services

Dear Parents,

We want to update you on situation of the financial accounts of the APEEE following the closure of the services due to the Covid-19 crisis.

As mentioned in our previous communication, the majority of our 160 staff (bus and supervision monitors, canteen staff, after school activity teachers and trainers) are not able to work. We are therefore taking advantage of the Belgian Federal temporary unemployment scheme, which entitles them to partial income support by the Government,. We also took steps to ensure they do not suffer financial hardship and have therefore topped up their temporary unemployment income from March to June. These are valued colleagues and often longtime members of the APEEE team that your children will have come to know personally. In these extraordinary times, solidarity from parents is important.

As you know, we will not send you invoices for canteen and transport for the 3rd trimester. Consequently, there will be no revenue for APEEE to cover all ongoing fixed costs from March to August 2020. We have therefore decided, and hope for your understanding, not to reimburse for the non-service of after school activities, canteen and transport during the school closure between 16 March and 31 March. In fact, we will  use the revenue from this second trimester (January-March) to pay for the fixed costs and the financial commitments that cannot be offset.

Like Transport and Canteen, there are certain fixed costs to cover for the extracurricular activities as well, but we are assessing the amounts of the  payments already received for the 3rd trimester that we can reimburse. More news shortly!

During these difficult and uncertain times we would like to thank you for your support, trust and solidarity.

Stay safe, all of you

APEEE Bxl Woluwe

Note : This message has been mailed to all parents. No need to forward it.

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