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Posted on 29 May 2020

Registration for Canteen next school year 2020-2021

Dear Parents,

The canteen subscription of your child(ren) will be renewed automatically for the new school year (2020-2021) unless you inform us otherwise.

Given the current Covid-19 outbreak and possible ongoing restrictions also for the next school year, adjustments might have to be made to the canteen registration of your child which could also have repercussions on our prices. Should this be the case, a communication will follow.

Price calculation

The price of the subscription is set during the first term: as soon as the number of pupils registered for the canteen is known, we can determine the cost. As an indication which cannot be applied automatically for the 2020-2021 school year, we inform you that the price of the subscription per meal for 2019-2020 was

  • kindergarten: 5.10 €
  • primary: 5.80 €
  • secondary: 6.10 €


Please be aware that the Belgian or European School authorities may require changes to the way the school canteen service operates, depending on the evolution of the Coronavirus situation by September. This may include restrictions on the number of pupils who can eat in the canteen at any one time, or the number of pupils who can be present on the school premises. This would clearly impact on the services we can offer, and potentially on our costs and revenues. We are exploring all options to ensure continuity of our canteen and cafeteria service to all children who need it under these potential scenarios and will keep you fully informed should there be any developments

Practical information

You can check the status of your present subscription in your “secured zone” on

If you wish to make changes to your subscription for the next school year, please modify the information in the Canteen information page for each child, using the “Request a Modification or cancellation” link. Modifications entered from 1 June onwards will be applied as of the new school year. If you are unable to access the secured zone, you may alternatively send an email to stating your modification preferences. Changes cannot be made to your subscription by telephone. Subscription modifications need to be received by the APEEE by 1 September 2020. After the 30th September it will not be possible to modify a subscription except for medical reasons or a change in the school timetable.

In case the school will open without any restrictions, and if you wish to change your subscription, may we kindly ask you not to wait until the last moment. Because our school is overcrowded and increasing by approx. 60 pupils more each year, we cannot guarantee places in the canteen for all pupils. Places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Subscription changes that are received late may therefore result in a place not being available. We also have to inform you that after 30 September 2020 you will be billed for all meals ordered even if they are not actually taken.

There is no need to take any action if you don’t want to make a change.

Wednesday meals at Commission Post Garderie

If your child is subscribed to the Commission Garderie Post Scolaire (OIB) on Wednesday, it is not necessary to subscribe for the Wednesday meal in the secured zone of the APEEE. This meal is included in the price of the Commission Garderie Post Scolaire. Please check the secured zone if the subscription is stated as “No” for Wednesdays.

For more information please log on the APEEE web site:

Best regards,

APEEE Canteen team

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