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Posted on 15 January 2021

Info on APEEE services as of Monday 18/1/21

Dear Parents,

We hereby like to inform you how the APEEE will organize the Services as of Monday 18 January 2021:

Canteen: during the meeting with the school management, the school adviced that they want to keep the services arrangements as in December as much as possible, therefore the APEEE canteen and the cafeteria will remain closed until the Carnival holidays. The situation will be rediscussed at that time.

Students will need to bring a home-made lunch to school. Primary and Nursery pupils will eat this in their classroom. The secondary students will be able to eat in the cafeteria, in the newly installed tent or at a place indicated by the school.

School buses: the Belgian authorities have made no changes to the rules for the school bus transport. Therefore, school bus transport will be organised for all students as of Monday 18 January 2021 taken into account the sanitary Covid-19 measures which were already put in place as of last year. Face masks are required for all children using the APEEE bus service, including nursery and primary.

The obligation to wear a mask does not apply in the case of disabilities that prevent mask wearing or for those with medical condition where a mask can cause harm. If this would be the case for your child, please inform the transport department.

Please provide a face mask for your child to wear during the school bus transport.

Details of the APEEE bus transport Covid measures are on our website:

Extra-curricular activities:

Nursery and Primary: all sports & cultural activities will be organised normally, taking into account the sanitary Covid-19 measures. However, our Swimming and Ice Skating activities remain suspended until further notice.

Secondary: all sports activities remain suspended until further notice, in accordance with the regulations. Cultural activities which can be organised on-line will be organized.

Interclass and Footfest: Competitive sports games are still not allowed, therefore these matches are suspended until further notice.

APEEE Supervision: will be organised as in the past, taking into account the sanitary Covid-19 measures.

Details of the APEEE extra-curricular Covid measures are on our website:

Stay safe, all of you

APEEE Bxl Woluwe

Note : This message has been mailed to all parents. No need to forward it.


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