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Posted on 16 April 2021

IMPORTANT : Canteen closure and organisation of APEEE services as of Monday 19th April

We hereby like to inform you how the APEEE will organize the Services as of Monday 19 April 2021:


The school wish to keep to the same service arrangement as before Easter i.e. lunchboxes for Primary, warm meals in the canteen for Maternelle and a cafeteria service for Secondary.

Much as we would like to be able to provide this service, unfortunately the take-up for our lunchbox solution for Primary has been very low, which will result in substantial losses for the APEEE. We cannot support this level of loss therefore have no option but to close the canteen completely; it is not economically viable to provide just Maternelle meals or open the Secondary cafeteria on its own.

The APEEE canteen and the cafeteria therefore will be closed from Monday 19 April. The school will discuss next week whether to allow Primary and Maternelle pupils to instead have warm meals in the canteen, as is now allowed by the regulations. This is our proposal, as there is a much higher take up rate for warm meals than lunchboxes so it will not result in the same level of losses.

We realise that the closure of canteen and cafeteria service will be very inconvenient for parents and can only apologise for this. As you probably realise, the periodic school closures and rotational teaching have had a very negative consequence for the APEEE, given we do not charge parents for the canteen meals they are unable to take for these reasons but we continue to incur costs. We need to protect our finances from further big losses therefore unfortunately have no option to make such a decision, even if we understand it will not be popular.

Should options arise to restart canteen services whereby we can do so at a financially viable level, we will be pleased to reopen.

Students will therefore need to bring a home-made lunch to school as of Monday 19 April. Primary and Nursery pupils will eat this in their classroom. The secondary students will be able to eat in the cafeteria eating area (though no cafeteria service is provided), in the newly installed tent or at a place indicated by the school. Due to the closure of the canteen services, no snacks will be provided to the children attending the OIB Garderie.

Please note that the message sent out earlier today by the school erroneously stated that Primary and Maternelle canteen service would continue as before Easter. This is mistake –  please refer to the above text.

School buses

The Belgian authorities have made no changes to the rules for the school bus transport. A normal school bus transport service therefore will be in operation as of Monday 19 April, with the same Covid measures in place as prior to the Easter break. Face masks are required for all children using the APEEE bus service, including Maternelle and Primary.

The obligation to wear a mask does not apply in the case of disabilities that prevent mask wearing or for those with medical condition where a mask can cause harm. If this would be the case for your child, please inform the transport department.

Please provide a face mask for your child to wear during the school bus transport.

Details of the APEEE bus transport Covid measures are on our website: Measures-COVID-TRANSPORT-v4-EN-1.pdf (

Extra-curricular activities
Maternelle and Primary: all sports & cultural activities will be organised as before Easter, with the same Covid measures in place.

Secondary: all indoor sports activities remain suspended until further notice, in accordance with the regulations. Outdoor sports activities which were organised before Easter and cultural activities which can be organised on-line will continue, as before Easter.

Interclass and Footfest: Competitive sports games are still not allowed, therefore these matches are suspended until further notice.

APEEE Supervision: will be organised as in the past, with the necessary Covid measures in place.

Details of the APEEE extra-curricular Covid measures are on our website: Measures-COVID-19-Extra-curricular-act-2-10.pdf (

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