Posted on 8 June 2021

Extra-curricular activities : organization of the end of the school year 2020-21

Tuesday 8th June 2021

Publication of the 2021-22 extra-curricular activities program.

From Monday 14 to Friday 18 June 2021

This week is the last week of your children’s extracurricular activities. Friday 18 June 2021 will be the last day of the 2020-21 extra-curricular activities.
Please communicate this information to your children.

Sunday 20th June 2021

Registration for extracurricular activities 2021-22 begins at noon.
For more information, please consult the following article: WOLUWE : registration for the APEEE’s Extra-curricular service for the school year 2021-2022 and EVERE information .

From Monday 21 June to Thursday 1 July 2021

Only supervision will be maintained.
Only children registered for supervision (with activity, without activity or occasional subject to availability of places) will be admitted for the days for which they are registered.
No supervision will be offered by our service on Friday 2 July 2021.

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