Accompanying children

Children in Kindergarten and Primary

1. Lunchtime

  • Children in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year primary
    After lunch their class teacher will take them to the canteen exit, where an instructor will collect them.

2. Afternoon (before the activity / supervision)

  • Children in kindergarten
    Our supervisor will collect the children in the kindergarten preau.
  • Children in P1 and P2
    Your child’s teacher will bring your child to the canteen from where he/she will be brought by our team to his/her activity.
  • Children in P3 to P5
    They must make their own way to the canteen (cultural activities, supervision), to the Sports Hall (sports activities) or on the bus (swimming, ice skating).

3. Afternoon (after the activity)

  • If parents come to collect their children after the activity
    • Parents must give their child’s name to the supervisor with a tablet (ipad) at the main gate. Their child will be brought there few minutes later.
      Supervision is provided for a maximum of a quarter of an hour after the end of the activities. After this period has elapsed, your child(ren) will be automatically enrolled in the occasional supervision and an invoice will be sent (see occasional Supervision).
      We kindly request you to arrive on time to collect your child at the end of the activities or at the end of the period of supervision. Pick-up area is in the Préau S1-S2.
  • If children go home by themselves after the activity
    Parents must fill in the Permissions form in the Secured zone (authorization to leave the activities/school alone)
  • If children go home with someone else that his/her parents
    Parents must fill in the names of the authorized persons (max: 5) in the secured zone

Authorization is required if someone other than a parent (e.g. a brother, sister, grandparent, friend or baby-sitter) pick your child up from an activity or the Supervision, or if you want your child to leave the school alone.
When you register your child for an activity in your Secured Zone, you will be asked to give the names of all persons (maximum 5) who are allowed to collect your child/children. You can change the list of people authorized to collect your child/children by visiting your Secured Zone at any time.

  • If the children go to the European Commission after-school childcare service (“Garderie Post Scolaire”) at the school
    They will be brought in the EC classroom by the APEEE staff after their activities. They can be picked up there according to the procedure set out by the European Commission.
    Please make sure that the staff of the Garderie is aware about your child’s after school activities.

4. Wednesday afternoon

  • Children in kindergarten: Our supervisor picks up the children in the kindergarten préau.
  • Children in P1 and P2: Your child’s teacher will bring your child to the canteen where he/she will eat and then be brought by our team to his/her activity
  • Children in P3 to P5: They must make their own way to the canteen.

Attention: registration for the supervision service is mandatory for Wednesday afternoon activities.

Children in Secondary

Children must make their own way to the sports hall or the classroom for their activity, where the instructors will take responsibility for them.
Children in S1 and S2 must go to the supervision during the transition hour (last hour of school in the afternoon when they have no lessons).
Children are only under APEEE responsibility when they under the supervision of an instructor.
Children who remain in the school between school opening hours and the time when they are supervised by the extra-curricular activities instructors are only covered by parents’ insurance policies: the insurance policies covering the extra-curricular activities and the school do not cover children who are not being supervised.