Medical assistance

Parents of children with medical conditions must consider carefully whether the activity is appropriate or could create medical risks for their child. Please be aware that:

  • The school nurses are only available during school hours (from 8:20 am to 4:20 pm).

Please complete the “health card” and return it to the APEEE before the start of the activity, if your child has a medical condition that may be impacted by an activity organized by the APEEE.

Medical assistance during the APEEE services: procedure

If a child falls ill or is the victim of an accident during the course of an APEEE activity/supervision, the school nurse will be contacted, provided this is within their working hours. Outside these hours or in the case where they are absent or not reachable, the services of the APEEE will call an ambulance to take your child to the hospital.

For all the services of the APEEE provided outside the school (example: transport, swimming pool, etc), our supervisors, instructors, bus drivers or other stakeholders will immediately call the emergency services.

After the school nurse or emergency service have been contacted, parents will immediately be informed so that they can join their child in the school infirmary or hospital.