General information

Class representatives


1. Introduction.

All parents of any child enrolled in the EEB2 are associate member of the APEEE.

Each year, four parents per class of the school are elected by the parents of the class as their representatives. Once approved by the Board they become full member of the APEEE.

Class representatives are elected at the first parents’ class meeting early in the school year (see point 3)

Given their particular position, their tasks, and their function as full member of the APEEE, the Class Representatives are expected to act, as it is the case for the Board members, in due respect of transparency, confidentiality, loyalty, representativeness, commitment and civility and courtesy. Due discretion on the information they might have access because of their role is of particular importance. In particular, no information if marked as “confidential” by a class parent, no information can be disclosed by a Class Representative

2. Functions

The class representatives are the vital link between the members of the Association’s Board and the rest of the parents. They also play an essential role in the communication with the school.

Their tasks fall under 3 main categories:

a) in relation to class parents

The class representatives are the contact persons with the class teacher and/or the other teachers, as well as the educational adviser for that class in secondary.
There are requested, together with all parents, to help the class to run smoothly or to improve the atmosphere in the class, on their own initiative, or at the request of parents or the class teacher:

  • Organizing meetings with the class parents.
  • Helping with organizing social gatherings, visits and other activities for the children.
  • Updating class address lists, making email lists.
  • Answering questions from new parents.
  • Helping the teacher find parents to accompany children during school trips or Footfest.
  • Helping with buying/ selling of second hand school books, etc …

For each class in primary, there must be an Info Class Rep and a Treasurer. The other two class representatives are substitutes.  For secondary classes, one parent will be Info Class Rep. The other three class reps have no specific mandate. However, in the past years, some classes have established specific working methods and allocation of tasks. To get ideas, class representatives might ask for examples to the APEEE secretariat.

It is expected that in each class, one of the class representatives plays a role in the newly set up Welcome Group for new parents.

Networking among the class representatives is very much encouraged, per linguistic section and/or class level. The APEEE secretariat might help in arranging the rooms at school. The Board members representing the linguistic sections are also committed to help and facilitate contacts.

b) in relation to the school

The class representatives liaise between the class teachers and the class parents on questions which are of general interest for the whole class.

They can be asked by other parents to intervene on educational or organizational matters which arise within their particular class, especially with a view to solving any problems raised by parents or noticed by the representatives themselves.

It is normally expected that in nursery and primary, the main contact is the class teacher. In secondary, they can also involve the educational adviser, and only in very serious cases should they approach the deputy-director. In any case, they are asked to respect the guidelines of the Complaint policy published on the school website.

Class representatives can also ask for the support of the APEEE Board members (usually the representatives within the education groups CEP&M (cycle: nursery and primary) and CEES (secondary).

In the case of specific problems in the class, with teachers or pupils, it is the parent representatives who face the difficult task of coordinating the approach of the teacher(s) or parents concerned to try and find a solution.

c) in relation to the Parents’ Association

The 4 class representatives shall attend the Annual General Meeting of APEE in order to vote for the Board election.

They should be the main channel of communication between the class parents and the Association for any matter regarding the class.

They are invited to pass on criticisms, observations, etc., from the parents to the Parents’ Association, as well as transmitting information from the association to the class.

They will act as contact points of the Board when any survey or other request of information is done and they are expected to gather and transmit the information provided by the parents of their class.

3. Elections 

This school year it will be possible for the parents at the Evere school to organise the elections for class representatives  during the information evenings for parents organized by the school in September.

We have not yet received the information for the organisation of the elections of the class representatives at the Woluwe site. As soon as we receive this information we will inform you.

Newly elected class representatives will receive a list of the class representatives of their section after the elections. If not, please contact During the school year you will continue to receive these lists each time they have been updated.

The Info Class Rep can already obtain a copy of the class list before the info meeting by sending a message to

In any case the APEEE secretariat will send the newly elected Info Class Rep a pupils’ list after the elections, once the election results have been processed.

The info representative is responsible for keeping the class list updated.