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Health, Safety & Security

All pupils must be safe at school. APEEE is therefore putting high priority on safety and security matters. Our objective is to ensure the pupil’s right for proper health, safety and security conditions at our school. The APEEE HSS working group is focussing on the following three areas:

  • Wellbeing of pupils – e.g. preventing of abuse, harassment, bullying, negative behaviour
  • Safety at school (non-intentional incidents) – e.g. infrastructure, indoor climate, fire safety
  • Security (intentional incidents) – e.g. access to school, control, surveillance, etc.

The role of the APEEE in these areas is mainly to keep pressure on the school management to maintain and improve its performance on safety and security and to further advance in the field of health and well-being. The APEEE is not in charge for activities related to these areas but is there to support and foster good practices and good management of the school system. We help identifying areas which need to be developed, we take and encourage initiative, and we monitor these areas closely and follow up on developments. We therefore strive towards an open, positive and constructive dialogue with the school management.

For 2018, the APEEE has agreed on the following priorities on health, safety and security:

  • To ensure a good and healthy climate for the pupils and their well-being.
  • To ensure that occupational health and safety audit of the school will be organized, that the school is aware of associated risks and is in compliance with regulations and policies.
  • To support the school to identify major infrastructural problems of the school site and to support them in their contacts with appropriate authorities and agencies.
  • To foster the exchange of information with the school aiming at offering a safe, secure and child-friendly school environment for the pupils.

The APEEE believes in the need to apply a systematic and action-oriented approach to health, safety and security that is based audits and fact findings. The working group has been established for the purpose of seeking a common and coherent strategy on health, safety and security matters. It will assess findings, develop solutions and help turn them into concrete actions. While separate initiatives from parents are appreciated, we suggest that initiatives should be conducted under the aegis of the APEEE.

The Working Group on Health, Safety & Security consists of members of the APEEE Board but volunteering parents are most welcome to contribute with ambitions, expertise and network. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us, or if you have suggestions or questions!

For news updates, please see the newsflash on our website.

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