General information


All parents of children attending the school are members of the Association (the APEEE).

Shortly after the beginning of each school year, parents of children in each class meet and elect four parents representatives per class.
At an annual general meeting, these representatives elect a Board composed of no more than twenty one volunteers. All other parents are welcome to attend the AGM, without voting, and are welcome to get involved in the work of the Association.
Moreover, the Association, together with the Parents’ Associations of the fourteen other European Schools, is represented on the Board of Governors (Conseil Supérieur), which is the decision-making body for the European Schools, and its working groups. All of this work is voluntary, unpaid work by parents.
In addition to representing the parents’ interests in school life, the association runs entirely the canteen, the school bus service and the extra-curricular cultural and sports activities. The daily operation of these services is in the hands of paid staff. The association also organizes information services for parents.

APEEE Membership fee

The APEEE is an association that represents the parents and pupils interests towards the school and the school system, as well as being the provider of various services. The general costs such as staff salaries, materials etc. associated with running the APEEE are funded through the membership fee (please note that APEEE Board members receive no remuneration; the time they put in is all given for free). A small portion of the membership fee is transferred to the Social Fund, which supports suitable projects and families in difficulty.
The General Meeting set the membership fee for the 2020-2021 school year at €50 per family . Payment of the membership fee is obligatory and only families who have paid their fee may use any of the services the APEEE provides (transport, canteen, extra-curricular activities, representation of parents towards the school authorities).
Only class representatives who have paid their membership fee may vote or take part in the elections.

The membership fee will appear on the APEEE invoice which will be sent to the parents during the month of October.