General information

Mission and statutes


The Association’s main aims are

  1. To take and encourage any initiative making possible maximum participation by parents in all aspects of school life and in decisions relating thereto.
  2. To represent the educational and family interests of parents vis-à-vis the school and local, regional, national and European authorities.
  3. To make known to the school authorities parents’ wishes and suggestions regarding the organization and running of the school.

The Parents’ Association has two main tasks: representing parents, and providing services to parents and children.


Representing parents

Two members of the APEEE Board participate in the School’s Board (Conseil d’Administration), which manages administrative and financial aspects of the school.
Our Association appoints parent members to two separate enlarged Education Councils for the Primary and the Secondary schools. In these meetings the Association makes proposals, expresses its point of view on items discussed, working together with the directors and teachers of the school.
In consultation with other members of the school community, the association follows up numerous important matters at school, for example: the problem of overcrowding, the division of pupils between the European Schools in Brussels, construction and renovation works at the school, tobacco and drug abuse, etc.
The Association is a member of Interparents, which brings together the Parents’ Associations of all the European schools. Interparents has limited rights to participate in meetings of the Board of Governors (Conseil Supérieur), the body which oversees the entire European School system. The Board of Governors also has a number of working groups, in many of which parents are represented.


Services to parents and children

  • Information: keeping parents informed about developments at the school, both day-to-day and long-term, is one of the association’s key roles.
  • A Social Fund exists to help families with financial difficulties. Financial assistance may be granted for payment of canteen, transportation and school trips. For more information and application forms visit the Association Web site: The applications for canteen and transportation have to be submitted by the start of the school year/term.
  • Transport: the association’s Transport group organizes buses to take pupils to and from school.
  • Canteen: the association organizes meals for pupils and staff.
  • Extra-curricular sports & cultural activities: the association organizes a wide range of sports and cultural activities.

The costs of school transport, the canteen, and extra-curricular activities are met by payments from the families using the services. In the case of transport, the institution employing a parent may contribute.


Social Fund

The Social Fund of the APEEE may:

  1. subsidize projects and events that enhance school life;
  2. provide financial assistance to individual families on behalf of a named child in case of social hardship.

For 2019-2020, in case of social hardship, the APEEE – Social Fund can decide on financial assistance to individual families taking the following net income into account :

  • 1 child if net income is less than €27.708 / year
  • 2 children if net income is less than €30.600 / year
  • 3 children if net income is less than €33.492 / year
  • 4 children if net income is less than €36.383 / year

The number of applicants and the available Social Fund budget will also be taken into account.

Note, according to the rules for the social fund, financial assistance can only be paid once for a child in his or her school career.

The application form (see below) can be send to