Practical Information

In the morning

Depending on the traffic, the bus may arrive before or after the scheduled time. Pupils should therefore be at their bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
If the bus has not arrived 15 minutes after the scheduled time (breakdown or other serious problem), a parent (or a pupil) should call the transport office in order to find out what has happened and agree on the best way to get the pupil to school. Pupils are under their parents’ full responsibility until they board the bus.
When the buses arrive at school, adult supervisors will ensure the children’s safety. Kindergarten pupils are met as they get off their buses by adult supervisors who escort them to the kindergartern; primary pupils are directed towards the playground.

Going home


N.B.  —   Pupils are under the responsibility of their parents as soon as they get off the bus. The APEEE and its supervisors are not entitled to verify the identity of people collecting children at the bus stop in the afternoon.

Important  We urge all parents, but especially the parents of children in the primary school and kindergarten, to provide the Transport Office and the teacher with all the information needed to organise transport for their child (voir § MODIFICATIONS).

Children in kindergarten and first year primary are brought to the bus by their teacher.

We insist that pupils be on time for bus departures at 13:00, 15:30 and 16:20. Some of the 15:30 buses return to school for a second departure at 16:20, so there is little time to spare. Buses departing at 16:20 must leave on time to avoid traffic jams and get pupils home within a reasonable time.


An adult supervisor accompanies pupils on most of the buses leaving at 13:00 and 15:30. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring children’s safety, applying the ‘supervision rules’, and maintaining discipline, and ensuring that children only leave the bus if they are being met or if their parents have authorised them to leave on their own.

If a bus leaving at 15:30 is full, secondary pupils may be asked to wait for the bus leaving at 16:20 in order to make seats available for younger children. Secondary pupils accompanying a younger brother or sister (from the kindergarten or primary school) have priority for seats on the 15:30 bus over other secondary pupils.

In addition to their bus pass, we recommend that kindergarten and primary children wear a badge or carry a diary showing their class, bus number(s) and stop(s), and a phone number for use in an emergency.

If there is no-one waiting to meet a child who is not authorised to leave the bus unaccompanied, the contact person designated by the parents is informed and the transport office decides where to take the child. Children are usually brought back to school, but in certain circumstances they may be taken to a Commission after-school childcare centre or (as a last resort) to the nearest police station. Parents of children brought back to school must collect them by 14:30 on Wednesdays and by 17:30 on other days.

Wednesdays 13:00

On Wednesday afternoon, the 15:30 and 16:20 departures are replaced by a single departure at 13:00 for all students (kindergarten, primary and secondary).

Buses to Commission after-school childcare centres

For children enrolled in a Commission after-school childcare centre on Wednesday afternoons, the buses leave after lunch (at about 13:45).
Please ask your child’s teacher to take your child to the canteen, where the children are met by the childcare supervisors and have lunch before taking the bus.


Children in the kindergarten and primary school must take the bus leaving at 15:30. Under no circumstances are they allowed to board buses leaving at 16:20.

Secondary pupils (S2-S7) may only take buses leaving at 15.30 if there are still seats available. Kindergarten and primary pupils registered for a particular bus have priority over secondary pupils. Secondary pupils accompanying a younger brother or sister (from the kindergarten or primary school) have priority over other secondary pupils.


Only secondary pupils are allowed to take buses leaving at 16:20.
Secondary pupils who are not authorised to leave the bus unaccompanied are not allowed on buses leaving school at 16:20.