Routes and Stops

APEEE bus service

The APEEE offers a bus service to bring pupils to school from their home neighbourhoods in the morning and returning in the afternoon. There is one service in the morning, which aims to arrive at school between 07:50 and 08:15  and two departing in the afternoon, at 15:30 and 16:20. The 16:20 service is reserved for secondary students only. On Wednesday afternoon there is a single departure time at 13:00.

APEEE bus routes serve the key neighbourhoods in which pupils live. The service is not able to serve all locations in Brussels or throughout Belgium and therefore it is important that if parents wish to use the service they first check where we operate.

The costs of the APEEE Bus service are paid directly to the APEEE by the EU institutions for qualifying parents. Parents who do not qualify for this staff benefit and for parents of maternelle pupils for whom the EU institutions do not pay transport costs, must cover these costs themselves and are invoiced by the APEEE.

Criteria for bus routes and bus stops

The APEEE bus services operates within budget constraints therefore can only provide services on routes which have sufficient number of pupils to cover the costs. Consequently, the APEEE is unable to offer a bus service to areas which are home to very few pupils.  

For these reasons the APEEE bus service only uses vehicles with 50 seats and they have to be fully occupied for all the routes in order to cover the costs.

The APEEE applies a maximum journey time per route of one hour under normal traffic conditions. This is considered by the APEEE to be the maximum reasonable time a pupil can be expected to spend during a bus journey from a well-being perspective.

Be aware that travel times are longer for buses than cars and even if the distance may not be a great number of kilometres in a car, the factor taken used in calculating routes is the time the bus takes and not the actual distance.

New bus stops on existing routes can be requested by parents. However the policy of the APEEE requires to plan all routes in order to balance the distance from pupil’s home to the bus stop with the need to bring all pupils to school in a reasonable time. Additional stops add to everyone’s journey time thus accepting new bus stop request will only happen in exceptional circumstances.

Map showing bus stops

Pupils and parents must arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival or departure time.

The bus stops map is available in your Secured Zone.

Bus routes and timetables are drawn up in the beginning of each school year on the basis of the number of pupils registered, requests for new stops and other factors.

The routes, timetables and stops may have changed since the previous school year. Parents will be informed in writing in advance of any change.

Exceptional weather conditions

During the winter: a snow plan is put into action when the state of the road network makes it necessary to adapt the bus routes and replace the usual bus stops. Parents are informed each year of the new snow plan.