Supervision on the buses

Unless exceptional absence, adult supervisors are present on the afternoon (15.30) and Wednesday (13.00) buses.

Where possible, adult supervisors or pupil supervisors among the oldest are present on the morning buses. All supervisors are required to ensure that the pupils comply with the safety rules.

Responsibility in case of damage

The transport office cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, or injury caused by pupils using the school bus service. The cost of any damage caused by children will be billed to their parents.


We remind you that in case of accident, children are only covered by the school insurance if they make the journey from school to their home, child care service (garderie) or second official residence. If your child travels to another destination, parents must ensure that they are adequately covered by a private insurance for their trip.

Medical assistance at school during the APEEE services

The school nurses are normally only available during school hours from 8:20 am to 4:20 pm.

If your child, registered for an APEEE service, falls ill or is the victim of an accident during the course of this service, the school nurse will be called on, in case she’s present and available.
In the event that the illness and / or the accident occurs outside the hours of presence of the school nurses or in the case where the latter are absent or not reachable, the services of the APEEE will call an ambulance to take your child to the hospital.
For all the services of the APEEE provided outside the school (example: transport, swimming pool, climbing … ..), our supervisors, instructors, bus drivers or other stakeholders will immediately call the emergency services.

Despite the fact that a part of the APEEE staff follows a training “First Aid” each year, our staff can not take the responsibility of making a diagnosis concerning the severity of the accident or illness.

Therefore, public medical emergency services will be called immediately to avoid any risk.

After the school nurse or emergency service have been contacted, parents will immediately be informed so that they can join their child in the school infirmary or hospital.

In case the cost of the ambulance fee is not covered by the school insurance, the payment of the bill will be borne by the parents.

Behaviour of the pupils

The transport office reserves the right to exclude any child who misbehaves, bullies another child or commits an act of vandalism. The decision to exclude a child will be taken by the transport office. Parents will be informed in writing.

Discipline and safety rules

  • I have my bus pass or a valid single ticket.
  • Every day, as soon as the bell rings, if I have to take the bus, I get on it immediately.
  • I do not wear my school bag on my back when I get into the bus (unless I am in the kindergarten or first year primary).
  • On the bus, I put my school bag at my feet or under my seat.
  • I attach my seatbelt when the bus is moving.
  • I do not walk around in the bus. I stay seated looking forward throughout the journey.
  • I treat the bus with respect: any act of vandalism (graffiti, theft, littering, etc.) will be punished.
  • I do not touch the mechanisms for opening and closing the doors.
  • I do not drink or eat on the bus.
  • I do not make a noise.
  • I do not fight.
  • I do not shout or insult anybody.
  • I do not smoke.
  • I do not handle dangerous object (lighters, knives, etc.).
  • I do not disturb the driver.
  • I follow the instructions given by the bus supervisor and the bus driver.
  • I wait until the bus stops completely before getting on or off. I do not push.
  • I wait until the bus has left and I have a clear view of the traffic before crossing the road.
  • I never cross the road in front of the bus.