Posted on 18 October 2020

Update to Covid Measures for APEEE Bus Transport


Dear Parents,

The APEEE has received an update from the Collège Réuni Commission Communautaire Commune requiring that all children are to be seated according to their cycle of schooling. The reason for this according to the Collège is that as different Covid controls apply to different cycles (maternelle – primary – secondary) it’s important to keep the children separated. This means that maternelle children now need to be separated from primary children, which was not previously the case, and siblings will no longer be able to sit together unless they are in the same school cycle.

The new seating arrangements will therefore be that maternelle children sit at the front of the bus, from the second row. The first row in the bus is always kept empty, in order to create sufficient distance between the driver and the children. Primary pupils are to sit behind them, with a row separating the groups if space allows,. Secondary pupils are to sit at the back of the bus, also with a spacer row separating them from Primary children if space is available.

Can you please inform your children of this new seating arrangement. It will apply as of Monday 19 October

We would also like to remind that the wearing of the face mask in the school bus is obligatory for all secondary pupils, and highly recommended for all maternelle and primary children.

We will continue to update you on any new measure to be taken to optimise the security of the school bus service.

Best regards,
Transport team

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